Design/Quantity Surveying Management

  • Review drawings and specifications, architectural and engineering for the purpose of advising onsite conditions.
  • Prepare cost estimates for the overall construction scope of works.
  • Assist the owner to bring down costs without comprising the quality and integrity of the building.
  • Prepare preliminary schedule and compare with the owner’s schedule.

Tender/Bid Management

  • Prepare all tender/bid documents: complete drawings and specifications, bill of quantities form, excluded items list, and invitation to bid, and instruction to bidders.
  • Facilitate the bidding process to ensure completeness of the tender/bid packages and avoid overlapping of proposed breakdown of works.
  • Submit recommendations on proposed breakdown of contract works and owner supplied materials, including list of suggested contractors, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Assist in the evaluation of bids submitted for the project.
  • Facilitation of bid conference.

Contract Management

  • Prepare draft contracts and notice of awards (or notice to proceed) to the winning contractor.
  • Arrange pre-construction meetings with the owner, the designer/consultant, and the contractor.
  • Certify advance payment requests by the contractor.
  • Consolidate all contract documents (favorable to all parties) for the signing of the contract.
  • Check insurance and bonds submitted by the contractor, prior to the construction phase.