Construction Managers

Why do we need them? Some may think that hiring construction managers will add to the construction cost, as well as will create more trouble because too many people get involved and might cause red tapes. But in reality, they are wrong.

Efficient construction managers will free the owner of too many technical management troubles brought by the actual situation of the construction. Construction managers guide a project from the initial planning and budgeting stages, through design bidding, construction, and the final move in.

Complimentary Work Approach

ELS shall undertake and maintain, on behalf of the owner, a working relationship with the designers and the contractors. The contractors will solely be responsible for all of its construction methods, techniques, sequences, procedures, safety, operations, and performance for the construction of the project, in accordance with the contract between the owner and the contractor.

ELS shall also endeavor to maintain cooperation with the services provided by the designers under its contract with the owner, with no intention of both services to be competitive but complementary.